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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Willems family berry farm is a 650-acre operation based outside Kingsburg, CA. Their primary crops are blueberries and blackberries. WormGold Solution (WGS) was first introduced to the farm in 2016, although equipment and materials had been purchased earlier, it had not been implemented as part of the farm’s standard operations during the 2016 season.

During the early 2017 growing season, Willems Farm had a very problematic 17-acre plot of blackberries that were dormant and subsequently scheduled for removal. This block of 17 acres contained yellow, half dead, non-producing blackberry plants. Various methods and materials for bringing the crop back to health were attempted, with no success. Willems were encouraged to use the WGS material on this specific plot as a last-ditch effort, rather than to remove as scheduled.

Within 10 days of 20 gallons/acre application of WormGold Solution on the failing blackberry crops, green plants, new growth, and new, high-brix berries were seen in abundance over the entire 17 acres.

The WormGold Solution was then tried on the dormant blueberries. Rapid improvements in health and vitality were quickly seen across the entire blueberry crop. For the previous 15 years the blueberry leaves had been 30% larger than a penny on 5 ft tall plants, with marginal production. In 10 days, the new leaves were 400% larger, and the bushes began to quickly become more robust. The 5 ft bushes rapidly grew to 9 ft tall without the addition of any fertilizer (see Figure-1 below).

Figure-1 With WGS on left, without WGS on right

High soil salts, and high salts in the limited water supply, are key problems for all farmers in this area of California. A continuous monitoring system was implemented to be able to data-log and quantify any reduction of salts when using WormGold Solution. Soil salts and moisture retention sensors were installed throughout the farm to be able to monitor what effects the WormGold Solution was having over time. Within 180 days, the high salts were reduced from a dangerous level of 9.5 to an excellent fertility level of 1.5. The typical recommendation is to flush high salts soil with clean (low salts) water. Neither abundant nor low salts water is available for the CA farmers in this region. As the salts were reduced using the WormGold Solution, the moisture retention was raised from a peak of 23% to a peak of 33%. This is a 30% increase in water efficiency, and reduction in water needed for the same land area. Soil types and available water quality are key factors to water savings achieved using WGS. The water savings observed was near 50% over a 6-month period. Using the recommended WGS protocol can be expected to provide at least a 20% reduction in salts and a 20% reduction in irrigation water over a full growing season. Real plant health and increased yield are clearly evident.

Neighboring farmers battling the same problems in various crops are testing the WGS on their fields.   Willems has currently installed brewer equipment to produce 11,000 gallons/day (this can feed 550 acres/day or 12,700 acres/month). Plans are in place to produce 100,000 gallons/day (sufficient to feed 110,000 acres/month) to supply the local demand, along with the necessary truck fleet and injection equipment. Delivery range is 90 miles, which maintains the freshness of the WGS when it is injected into local farms irrigation systems.

Brew & Deliver Services is a unique and PROVEN market model that is being replicated for working with additional interested growers, whether they are a large or small farming operation. Growers can easily expect that potential revenue from the Brew & Deliver Services they can offer to their surrounding areas may well exceed the revenues achieved via their farming operations. OASCO provides demographic areas as part of our service provider agreements to ensure that our Brew & Deliver Service Provider locations do not have overlapping service areas. We also provide turn-key start-up packages which include the various equipment and materials as needed to get started quickly as a OASCO Brew & Deliver™ Service Provider Affiliate.

Contact us for more information regarding how to become an OASCO Brew & Deliver™ Service Provider.

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