Shipping Container Standard 30 Day Warranty & Buy-Back Program

Shipping Container Standard 30 Day Warranty & Buy-Back Program

We support sustainability and recycling so we created a Container Buy Back Program. OASCO will buy back and pick-up your used shipping containers under this plan. Contact us for more details.

KEEP IN MIND: Used Containers WILL Have Surface Rust!

When you purchase a Used container with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, for a period of 30 days following delivery of your container you may return the container for a refund, less any shipping/delivery charges.

Delivery and Pick-up Charges are NOT Included

We understand that container condition expectations may differ from one customer to another.  As part of our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, we allow for the exchange, return or refund of your purchase with no questions asked.  We only require that you cover the cost of any trucking and delivery charges incurred by OASCO for your order, including any additional costs of picking up and transporting the container for return or exchange.

Reasonable Wear and Tear Allowed:

The 30-Day Money Back Guarantee allows for reasonable wear and tear of the container while in your possession.  In the event your container is returned for a refund with more than a reasonable amount of wear and tear incurred during your possession of the container, we may reduce the refund amount to correspond with the resulting reduction in value of the container caused by any excess wear and tear.  This may include any modifications you have made during your possession of the container, such as painting the container, insulating the container, cutting or welding of the container, and other damages or changes made to the container.

Used containers are typically between 8-18 years old and have traveled the ocean on average 30-70 times.  Every used container will have varying levels of visible surface rust.  If having rust on your Used container is a concern, you might want to consider purchasing a New/One-Trip container instead.  Rust on a Used container will not generally be a problem if the container is properly maintained and managed.  Pressure washing and painting your container will help to extend the life of your container.