Organic AG Supply Company, LLC

Organic AG Supply Company (OASCO™) is an industry leading B2B wholesale supplier for farms, nursery centers, landscapers, tree service professionals, as well as USA Federal, State, and Local Governmental Agencies.

We provide PREMIUM QUALITY organic input materials, organic fertilizers, compost tea blends, bulk seeds, and related Parts, Equipment, shipping containers, and nursery containers. We also provide on-site services within the geographic areas we cover. Materials we carry are typically CDFA, OMRI, ECOCERT, or otherwise certified as organic input materials.

OASCO specializes in offering bulk worm castings, bulk insect frass, bulk organic input materials, organic fertilizers, agricultural products, as well as nursery containers, shipping containers, parts and equipment.

Featured Products
Organic AG Products 15-1-1 Label

OAP Pure Protein Dry 15-1-1 (By the Pound)

Pure Protein Dry - Organic Fish Fertilizer Made From COD FISH HYDROLYSATE - Order by the Pound - Select preferred bag size where quantity is greater than the minimum bag size
$32.00 $29.95
Millipoo Logo


MILLIPOO™ is a wide-spectrum biology packed compost soil amendment featuring super-high fungal counts as well as beneficial bacterial biology. 1/2 Cubic Foot Bag Shipped in USPS Large Flat Rate Box
$49.95 $42.95
Heritage Organics Perfect Potting Soil

Perfect Potting Soil - 0.5CF Bag

Heritage Organics Perfect Potting Soil. 1/2 Cubic Foot GENERIC Bag Shipped in USPS Large Flat Rate Box
SOS Coral Calcium

SOS Coral Calcium (1# Bag)

Coral Calcium is fundamental to healthy soil. • A complete way to nourish your lawn and garden without chemicals • It provides over 73 important minerals • It helps make healthier soil biology
Enterra Insect Frass - Tote

GP - Millipoo- 2CY Bulk Tote

Millipoo- 2CY Bulk Tote
From $1,200.00
Perfect Potting Soil

HO - Perfect Potting Soil - 2.5CY Tote

Perfect Potting Soil by Heritage Organics - 2.5 CY Tote
$400.00 $378.00
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