About Organic Lawn Care

Organic lawn care has become a "hot" topic in recent years. As if it were something new! It certainly is not. Organic lawn care was exclusively practiced before WWII. After the war, the chemical procedures took over, as the chemical companies seeked new markets for the explosives materials they were manufacturing.

There are many misconceptions, myths and outright lies which have made the subject of organic lawn care almost un-definable.

  • Chemical lawn care companies claim to offer "organic" lawn care programs, yet often they just eliminate the pesticides.
  • Chemical companies pay universities to test their products, making it seem like universities only support chemical programs. In addition, college textbooks for green industry professionals became manuals for chemical product use, totally ignoring the “old way” of maintaining healthy lawns, trees and gardens.
  • Strong marketing efforts by chemical companies promoting the ease and low cost of “miracle” products, tend to push other options out of consumer consciousness.
  • Many professionals think that using waste products, sewage sludge, manure's, feathers, dried blood, and machines to punch holes in the ground, constitute an organic lawn care program.
  • It has only been more recently that the public has become aware of all of the negative side effects of chemical programs.
  • Until recently, the average homeowner is likely unaware that truly “organic” programs are available.

No wonder the public is confused! People don't understand what a true organic-based, or organic approach lawn care program actually is, or what it can be if done correctly. And sadly, there are only a small number of professionals who understand natural systems well enough, and have available the necessary products and procedures, to implement organic lawn care services. To incorporate organic lawn care services the professional must look at cooperating with natural systems that are immutable.

Organic lawn care is, first and foremost, a methodology, a process, and a way of thinking. It is NOT just the substitution of "organic-type" agricultral products for the standard N-P-K fertilizer formulations, along with the elimination of use of pesticides.

Organic lawn care is based upon solid science. To start, one must find out what is going on in the SoiL. Then, it can be determined how best to implement BUILDING THE SOIL.  Specialized organic materials can then be chosen, applied at the proper time and in the correct quantities to implement rebuilding the soil. Going organic takes more research to fully understand, however it is practical and cost effective. The result is a dramatic minimization of chemical usage in VERY short time, and elimination of chemical usage with a bit more time as the soil rebuilds vitality. For the practitioner who embraces these practical principles, a healthier, safer environment is the product delivered to their customers, as well as healthier turf and other plants.

Organic lawn care can be practiced by the average homeowner or professional service providers by incorporating good planning and using the products we offer.

What is the basis of an organic approach lawn care program? The soil!

WHY?  What grows in the soil can be no healthier than the soil in which it grows!