About us

Our goal is to bring the soil of the Earth back to health one farm, garden, or tree at a time!
We began operations in 1998 producing a few tons of WormGold Products for local distribution.  Since our humble beginnings, WormGold products, and services we offer, have really caught on with great success.  Our current production capacity for WORMGOLD® Plus is 200,000 TONS per year, AND INCREASING. WORMGOLD products are now available for international distrubution.  Our current worm farm covers 15 MILES of 8 foot beds.  We increase production capacity on a regular basis as our demand increases.
We focus our distribution channels on companies that we feel are an asset to the gardening and farming communities.   While we could well distribute our product lines via "big box stores", we do not feel that this is a market channel we want to pursue.  We enjoy dealing with distributors who like to know their product lines, and provide personal service to their customers, helping them make good decisions.  Big box stores do not provide this level of service, in our opinion.   The larger chain stores that we do deal with ALL have long track records of excellent customer service.   We continue to expand our distribution channels with this in mind.  We understand that many of our gardening clients would like to have local retailers they could purchase our products from, and not have to pay for shipping products to them.  WE ARE WORKING ON THIS.  :-)

WORMGOLD® Plus has been produced with the highest care possible.  Research began in 1997 and showed that all worm castings are superb, but like any product, performance of worm castings did vary greatly depending on the feed given to the earthworms.  Nearly all worm castings are produced when manures are fed to earthworms.  Research has shown that plant performance could be greatly changed by changing the feed to the earthworms.  Wormgold Plus is dedicated to produce these worm-castings for organic gardening, so you can confidently enjoy harvest time.

While we continue to research the optimum feed mix, we feel the mix that we are presently using provides the highest quality WORMGOLD® Plus possible.  Worm castings have been known as the ultimate soil amendment since Charles Darwin wrote his best selling book “The Formation of Vegetable Mold through the action of Worms”.  Darwin* observed that healthy soil contained earthworms and that their actions increased fertility and kept the plant life healthy. Our knowledge of exactly how worm castings improves plant growth, plant vitality and reduces plant problems is not fully understood.  However, the fact remains that worm castings are a key to having healthy and robust plants, from turf to Ponderosa Pine, and every plant in between (and around).

the worm farm

While much of the Earth's soil has  become devoid of organic matter and soil biology, making it unable to support earthworm populations, or reasonable plant life,  WORMGOLD® PLUS is available so that any depleted soil can be made healthy. Our goal is to bring the soil of the Earth back to health, one bag of WORMGOLD® PLUS at a time!
Worm Farm

* Note: Our intention is not in endorsing or promoting any specific theories presented by Charles Darwin.  In regard to "The Formation of Vegetable Mold through the action of Worms", we believe Darwin presented some valuable insight into this area.