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Air-tow Drop Deck Trailers

OASCO is an Authorized Air-tow Dealer - If we don't stock the model you want, we can get it at best pricing!

Once you decide on a trailer model that meets your hauling needs, WELLS FARGO will find the optimal loan or lease option for you (B2B ONLY). WELLS FARGO offers simple, fast and convenient financing with both loans and leases available. Once you qualify, financing is available in minutes.

Apply for Air-tow Trailer Financing via Wells Fargo

We can provide Air-tow trailer sales for clients anywhere in the USA. We provide retrofit and maintenance services and support for North Carolina and South Carolina, including Wilmington, Fayetteville, Southport, Shalotte, Myrtle Beach & surrounding areas.

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We went with Air-tow trailers because they are the VERY BEST option for our our distribution network teams to be able to deliver materials that we offer to local clients from our warehouses rather than shipping direct to clients who would require lift-gate service at much higher ship costs. We also retrofit the RS10-55 models to meet our specific needs for our Brew & Deliver Service Partners, so we will typically keep them in stock as needed. We liked the Air-tow trailers so much that we wanted to be able to offer them for clients who have a need for these types of trailers as well.

The unique Air-tow flatbed uses a totally different concept to make loading easier and safer. The trailer deck remains completely level as it raises or lowers hydraulically in less than 30 seconds. At ground level, you simply drive your equipment onto the trailer. It is especially useful for equipment with poor traction or low ground clearance such as scissor lifts, sweepers, pavement rollers, etc. Air-tow eliminates the need for difficult tilt beds or dangerous loading ramps, making it a one-man job even in adverse weather conditions.