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Bulk Beet Seeds

A cold season crop. Plant seeds in February or March for spring crop, and in August through October for fall and winter crop.

  • For well shaped roots, a loose textured soil with pH of 6.0 to 6.5 isdesirable.
  • Fertilize with a quality garden fertilizer.
  • Drill seed ½ inch deep, ½ inch apart, in rows 2 to 3 feet apart. When plants are 2 inches high thin to 1½ to 2 inches apart.
  • Side dress with 15 lbs. Nitrogen per acre (½ cup of Nitrate of Soda, per 100 ft. of row) when plants are 4 to 6 inches high.
  • Six to eight lbs. of seed per acre; 1 ounce per 100 ft. of row.
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Wyatt-Quarles Detroit Dark Red Beet Seeds -  Heirloom

WQ-Beet-Detroit Dark Red 1#

Detroit Dark Red Beet Seeds - Heirloom