OASCO Brew & Deliver AG Services™

OASCO™ provides BEST-OF-CLASS compost tea Brew & Deliver Services for ANY size farm application.

OASCO Brew & Deliver Service™ is our Turn-Key method of providing massive soil biology increase to farms which either do not have the manpower needed to implemtent nutrition programs using our equipment and materials themselves, or who just prefer to outsource this part of the operations rather than deal with the brewing part of it.

  • We provide Pre-Brewed Compost Tea solution for LOCAL PICKUP OR DELIVERY in many USA locations.  Delivered material can be injected using typical fertigation systems, or with other existing equipment. (A holding tank is required. Material should be fully deployed within 24 hours of delivery time.)
  • We can also provide direct material deployment/implementation in many USA locations.  For this, we deploy the material with fan jet, boom sprayers, hose & pump gear, or other equipment as needed per job site requirements.
  • Custom mix solutions are available for specific applications

OASCO Brew & Deliver Service™ can be a major milestone for any farms wanting to achieve Organic Certification.

Contact us to discuss best and most economically feasible methods to implement a program for your farm, turf or tree care needs.

Opportunities are currently available for getting involved as a OASCO SERVICE PROVIDER for Brew & Deliver Services in MOST USA locations! Exclusive location demographics are limited on a first come, first serve basis! Contact us today to learn more about setting up as a Brew & Deliver Service Provider in your area!