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Millipoo (Millipede Poop)
Note that technically, Millipedes are not considered "insects", so technically their poop is not catagorized as "frass". These Arthropod animals forage on decaying wood and mushrooms, making millipede frass an excellent fungal dominated organic input material.

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MILLIPOO (per pound)

MILLIPOO™ is a wide-spectrum biology packed soil or compost INOCULANT featuring super-high fungal counts (up to 90:1 fungal to bacteria ratio) as well as high levels of various trace nutrients, protozoa, and other beneficials. ~4lbs per 1 Gallon Bag. Shipped USPS Priority Mail.
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MILLIPOO - Fresh Pull Critter Pack

Our MILLIPOO™ Fresh Pull Critter Pack is being provided for customers who want to receive as many animals with the material as possible.
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Enterra Insect Frass - Tote

GP - Millipoo- 2CY Bulk Tote

Millipoo- 2CY Bulk Tote
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