California Vermiculture

California Vermiculture's WORMGOLD® Product line have been produced with the highest care possible. Research began in 1997 and showed that all worm castings are superb but like any product performance of worm castings they vary greatly depending on the feed given to the earthworms. Nearly all worm castings are produced with manures fed to earthworms. Research has shown that plant performance could be greatly improved by changing the feed to the earthworms. California Vermiculture is dedicated to produce the highest quality worm-castings for organic gardening so you can confidently enjoy harvest time.

While CV continues to research in finding the optimum feed mix, we feel the feed mix that we are presently using provides the highest quality worm castings available. Worm castings have been known as the ultimate soil amendment since Charles Darwin wrote his best selling book “The Formation of Vegetable Mold through the action of Worms”. Darwin observed that healthy soil contained earthworms and that their actions increased fertility and kept the plant life healthy. Our knowledge of exactly how worm castings improves plant growth, plant vitality and reduces plant problems is still a developing science. But the fact still remains that worm castings are a key to having healthy and robust plants, from turf to Ponderosa Pine and every plant in between.

OASCO is proud to be directly partnered with California Vermiculter, offering the entire line of WormGold® Products.