Answers to common questions about our products:

Q: Why doesn't WormGold Plus have NPK values listed on the packaging?

A: NPK values are irrelevant in regard to worm castings, and how they work to help establish good soil biology.  Please do some research regarding SOIL FOOD WEB to better understand how WGP works.


Q:  Why is WormGold Plus superior to other earth worm castings commonly available on the market?

A:  It is all about what and how we feed the worms.  Our feed stock is engineered to provide superior results by increasing the biodegrader count to maximum levels.  We also add rock dust and fossilized sea kelp to help feed the organisms which promote heathy soil biology.  No other worm castings achieve this.  Many worm farms use manures, landscape waste and other source materials that typically do not provide for a wide spectrum of biodiversity in their castings.  Again, it is the biodegraders that do the work in building good soil, so castings with higher levels of these organisms will provide better results.  We use NO manures, landscape waste, or other source materials which could potentially contain toxins, for our WGP worm feed stock.  Other worm farms may use corn or other grain crops as the primary feed stock for their worms.  While this may be a better feed stock than some of the other sources mentioned, it still does not provide a wide diversity of feed material to produce the highest quality castings.

Q:  WormGold Plus has "rock dust" and "fossilized sea kelp" added. What is this?

A:  We use Elemite (rock dust) and Kelzyme (fossilized sea kelp) to aid microbial growth and longevity to our worm castings and associated biology.  Elemite is a very "broad spectrum" source of minerals.  Kelzyme provides the needed calcium for the biology of WGP to flourish.  We use approximately 3% of each along with our SUPERIOR worm castings.

A bag of WormGold Plus has way more active active biology in a bag than most competing products have in a small container, and Mycorrhiza does not store well in the small containers it ships in (probably a good portion are DOA), whereas in a bag of WormGold Plus, these organisms can flourish and continue to grow once in the soil.  Throw a handful of WormGold Plus in your composter along with your other materials, and watch it GO!

Q: What is the secret to having the most healthy plants possible?

A: WormGold, of course!  Actually healthy plants require healthy soil.  WormGold products help provide plants of ALL types with the soil biology they need to flourish.  Feed the soil, and the soil will feed the plants.  Most plants REQUIRE associated microbes to feed them the minerals they need.  If the soil is not healthy, the plants will not be healthy either.  Water soluble fertilizers are like life support for plants.  It will keep them alive, but it will NOT provide for plants to be as healthy as they could be.  FEED THE SOIL!  Fertilizers and pesticides not only destroy the microbes that make healthy soil, but also promote soil compaction by destroying the food-soil web, which are the organisms which keep soil loose and fertile.  WormGold products help to establish healthy soil, and healthy has many thousands of microbes which act to keep soil loose, fluffy and fertile. Compacted soil is typically anaerobic, which non-beneficial organisms tend to flourish in. Loose soil better maintains an aerobic state, which promotes beneficial organisms over the harmful anaerobic ones.

Q: We grow xxxx acres of xxxx crops. How can California Vermiculture help our growing operations?

A: We work directly with growers to optimize crop production of any type.  We produce various custom mixes of WormGold Solution for a number of various crop types, tailored to maximum productivity for specific crop types.  Contact us so we can work with you to increase your production to new and significantly higher levels!

Q: How do I create an account with California Vermiculture?

A: Create an account here on our website first.  For retail customers, that is all that is required to purchase products from us.  For Drop-Shipper, Reseller, and Grower accounts, create an account here on the website with us, and we will set up your specific type account to access your products and pricing after we confirm your tax ID information, and set you up in our system.