Areas of Growth


California Vermiculture has been working with GROWERS for over a decade now!  We start by conducting a site survey to determine the specific needs for a client's operations.  This can be done directly or indirectly, however to best serve our grower's clients, we need to understand their current operations, the problems and concerns being incurred, and the scope of their growing operations.  We do not believe in a "one size fits all" approach.  By working closesly with our growers, we can formulate a plan of action to implement the best solutions that we can provide, in a timely and cost effective manner.

We are here to help our growers achieve maximum productivity results by providing a plan of action, which includes a comprehensive ROI report as well as establishing a valid baseline of what to expect in specific time-frames.

Lawn & Landscape - Turf Professionals

We work closely with landscape service companies, athletic turf professionals, property managment, park services and other professionals to help improve customer satisfaction in regard to these related industries.  This includes sustainable management of turf, ornimental trees, shrubs and plants.

Trees & Shrubs

Tree and plant rescue is a large focus of our core business.  We often get involved with operations where plants are in severe distress, and are able to provide solutions for situations that in many cases seem hopeless using other more common non-organic technologies.

Custom Soil Mixers & Compost Tea Manufacturers

Many vendors use WormGold as a base component of their custom soil mixes or compost tea products.  These products can be considered the highest quality product offerings on the market.

Home Gardening

Home gardeners are often times the leaders in organic gardening techniques, and typically the first to learn what works, and what does not work when it comes to growing plants.  Much of what we have achieved is due to the home gardener having success with our products.  If something does not work in the garden, chances are it will not work for large growing operations either.  It is the Home Gardener's that helped us establish a major part of our core business, and we intend to continue providing our products for the home garden market by establishing retail outlets all across America and beyond.