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Bulk Lettuce Seeds

Lettuce is a cold hardy crop, grows best in full sun but excessive heat can cause plants to bolt to seed, or leaves to wilt. Fall seeding (August-September) stands through winter. Spring crop is seeded in cold frame or protected place December to January or outdoors February-March. Transplant 1 ft. apart in rows when plants are 2 inches. Where space is limited set 2 or more rows 18 inches apart on same bed. Harvest looseleaf types anytime the leaves are large enough to use. Harvest head types by cutting the heads below the crown. Make successive plantings to extend period of harvest.

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Wyatt-Quarles Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce Seeds - Heirloom

WQ-Lettuce-Black Seeded Simpson 1#

Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce Seeds - Heirloom
Wyatt-Quarles Buttercrunch Lettuce Seeds

WQ-Lettuce-Buttercrunch 1#

Buttercrunch Lettuce Seeds
Wyatt-Quarles Great Lakes Lettuce Seeds - Heirloom

WQ-Lettuce-Great Lakes 1#

Great Lakes Lettuce Seeds - Heirloom
Wyatt-Quarles Iceberg Lettuce Seeds - Heirloom

WQ-Lettuce-Iceberg 1#

Iceberg Lettuce Seeds - Heirloom
Wyatt-Quarles Mesclun Mix Lettuce Seeds

WQ-Lettuce-Mesclun Mix 1#

Mesclun Mix Lettuce Seeds
Wyatt-Quarles Oak Leaf Green Lettuce Seeds - Heirloom

WQ-Lettuce-Oak Leaf Green 1#

Oak Leaf Green Lettuce Seeds - Heirloom
Wyatt-Quarles Parris Island Romaine Lettuce Seeds

WQ-Lettuce-Romaine-Parris Island 1#

Parris Island Romaine Lettuce Seeds
Wyatt-Quarles Ruby Lettuce Seeds

WQ-Lettuce-Ruby 1#

Ruby Lettuce Seeds
Wyatt-Quarles Salad Bowl Lettuce Seeds

WQ-Lettuce-Salad Bowl 1#

Salad Bowl Lettuce Seeds