New OASCO Sales Network Affiliate System

OASCO is implementing a new Sales Network AffiliateSystem to manage sales commissions and tracking info for our reps and resellers.

  • OASCO Reps have been imported into the system
  • Existing OASCO Resellers & Distributors are being imported into the system. This will appear as a purchase with no associated fee or cost.
  • OASCO Customers will be assigned to the local/regional OASCO Reps in their geographic area (if there is one), for point-of-contact.

The back-office login for the affiliate system uses the same email and password used for the OASCO ecommerce store account.

Affiliate Login

OASCO Resellers who do not want to participate in the OASCO Affiliate Sales Network System can opt out by commenting "opt out" to this message, or by sending an email to

Anyone interested in joining our Sales Affiliate Team can follow this link: Become an OASCO Affiliate

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