OASCO Fulfillment Services™

About OASCO Fulfillment Services™ Integrated Vertical Market Model

OASCO partners closely with manufacturers (as OASCO Supply Chain Partners) as well as our affiliates, which provides vertical channel marketing for associated product lines, and a more streamlined order fulfillment process. We help our partner companies grow their business by implementing our supply chain management features typically only available to very large corporate entities.

What is vertical marketing?

Below is a comparison of typical conventional marketing channel vs. typical vertical marketing:

OASCO vertical marketing system

The vertical market model offers significant improvements over the traditional market model for many (if not most) small to medium sized manufacturers seeking to expand market sales potentials.

OASCO goes beyond the typical vertical market model even further, to include not only down-stream sales channels for products, but also supply chain, equipment, and logistics business segments as well.

Vertical + Horizontal + Logistics

In simple terms, OASCO Fulfillment Services leverages the benefits of "contractual VMS consisting of independent firms joined together by contract for their mutual benefit", by streamlining the whole process.

OASCO Fulfillment Services Key Features and Benefits:

Types of businesses eligible for for partnering with OASCO Fulfillment Services:

  • Organic Input Material Manufacturers
  • Organic Pest Control Manufacturers
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Custom Mixers
  • AG Product Resellers, Nursery Supply Companies, & Garden Centers
  • AG Service Providers, Tree Service Providers, & Forestry
  • Shipping Brokers & Trucking Companies
  • Freight & Global Logistices Companies
  • Warehousing Companies
  • Other - Contact us to see if your company would be eligible

If the OASCO Fulfillment Services market model seems like it may make sense for your organization, contact us for more details!

Ready to go? Apply for a vendor account with OASCO and join our family of businesses!

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