OASCO Fundraising Services™

OASCO™ is happy to now provide fundraising program opportunities for schools, churches, community gardens, non-profit organizations, etc.

What better way to promote a fundraiser for your organization than to offer environmentally friendly organic gardening products that will produce nutrient rich healthy foods?  This is a GREAT alternative to offering candy, popcorn, and other unheathly items, and helps promote ORGANIC GARDENING in your community!

We offer various ways for organizations to run fundraisers with us:

How our Online Fundraiser program works:

  1. Your organization is set up as an OASCO Affiliate Fundraiser Representative. ($100 fully refundable listing fee)
  2. We assign your organization a Vendor ID to manage the products you will be listing for your fundraiser
  3. We provide an Affiliate ID which provides additional sales tracking info
  4. We assign your desired products specfic SKUs for unique product listings and sales management
  5. We set up your organization to display available fundraiser products under the Fundraisers menu item on our website, which you can link to from your website or publish on print media handouts, etc.
  6. All sales are tracked for customer purchases linked to your product SKUs and affiliate ID
  7. We provide sales reports as needed for your organization to see the progress
  8. Your organization receives commissions for sales on a monthly basis (for ongoing programs), or end of fundraiser term per agreement
  9. Listing fee is refunded in full, along with any commissions earned on sales, which is typically 20% if your offer the fundraiser products at MSRP.

We also offer Local Fundraiser programs for organizations that want to manage their own product sales.  Contact us for further details concerning how we can work together regarding custom fundraisers tailored to your organization's needs.

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OASCO Fundraiser Affiliate Program

OASCO Online Fundraiser Affiliate

Register your organization to be an OASCO Online Fundraiser Affiliate.