OASCO Partnership Alliance with Bianchi Brickyard Supply, Inc.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

OASCO is very happy to announce our supply chain partnership agreement with Bianchi Brickyard Supply, Inc.

We will be warehousing and distributing our various products and equipment at Bianchi facilities in the Southport North Carolina area, as well as developing LTL and FTL supply chain distribution services from these locations locations. Direct Sales for all NC local areas will now be provided via Bianchi Organics for direct sales and delivery services,

"Our agreement with Bianchi Brickyard, (Bianchi Organics), is a significant step forward for OASCO Fulfillment Services, to be able to reduce client costs for USA East Coast customers wanting the highest quality materials we offer that only come from USA West Coast manufacturers. The only way to get these materials from west coast to east coast economically is via very large shipments via scheduled freight lanes. This agreement makes these materials available to the East Coast commercial grower and supply chain markets at significantly reduced pricing. This is a win for everyone involved in organic growing in USA East."  -Ron Moon

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