OASCO™ To Provide On-line Fulfillment Services for InterBULK USA

Friday, February 22, 2019

InterBULK USA logo

OASCO™ is happy to announce online wholesale product fulfillment and distribution services for InterBULK USA's line of FIBC containers. 
InterBULK USA specializes in providing flexible woven polypropylene bags used for shipping, handling and storage of dry-flowable and fluid products. (FIBC's are commonly known as "super-sacks" or "bulk bags").

"We are very excited to be able provide high quality, streamlined service, and exceptional pricing for the full line of in-stock InterBULK USA products, as well as for processing custom orders as needed. Being able to offer both in-stock and custom bags for our manufacturers and customers, as well for our own internal use, is a great step forward for OASCO Fulfillment Services and product offerings".
Ron Moon - CEO - Organic AG Supply Company, LLC

For more information regarding pricing and ordering: InterBULK bulk bags,

For more information regarding OASCO manufacturer partnership agreements, see OASCO Fulfillment Services.

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