Meet Our Team


Ron Moon - Chief Executive Officer

Jodi Moon - Chief Administative Officer

Zach Clouser/Clouser Law - Legal & Compliance Management - Registed Agent

Mark Bianchi - Director of Building Materials Procurement

Larry Rocker - Director of Indian Affairs

Joseph Rainwater - Director of Project Logistics & Federal Grants



Joshua D. VanHorn -Global Shipping & Logistics Liaison

Christopher Yorkison - IT Systems Infrastructure Integration & Deployment

Christian Banks - DotNet/Database Systems Development & Integration Liaison

Jason Harrell - Ecommerce/Merchant Services-API Systems & Integrations Liaison

Tony Bryant - Construction Projects Liaison

Mark Meyer - Irrigation/Water Systems & Technology Integration Liaison

George Hahn - Vermiculture Systems & Materials Liaison

Andrew Vickerson - BSF Insect Frass Systems & Materials Liaison

Steve George - Shipping Container Operations/Material Warehousing Southeast Liaison


Regional Sales & Operations Affiliate Teams

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