Soil & Compost Tea Material Testing - Labs

Here at OASCO, we do a LOT of in-house testing of materials we provide. This is primariliy microscope shake-tests for determining biology counts for compost materials, worm castings, insect frass, and compost tea blends.

We also outsource testing, primarily for third-party confirmation of in-house analysis or in regard to working with our growers for establishing protocols.

We recommend the following labs for soil testing, crop & plant tissue testing, compost tea testing, and related services:


Microbial Matrix Systems, Inc

Microbes In My Soil, LLC

Soil Food Web (associated labs)

Note that many USDA Extension Offices are now starting to provide biological testing. Be sure to check with your local extension office to see if they provide good biological testing services. Tissue Sampling Tests are VERY beneficial in determining what is going on in the soil, and can be useful in conjunction with soil biology testing.