What is Product Specific URL Funneling?

In a nutshell, url funneling is a unique method which has proven to work very well for new start-ups and/or smaller organizations to get better search engine ranking more effectively.  Search engine ranking is quite important, especially for new products, and the problem often is that the "Big Boys" hold all of the top page ranking and listings for related key phrases.

Resorting to "Pay-Per-Click" programs to try to get to more potential customers can be VERY expensive, and unless the promos are very well designed to target the best target market clients possible, this option will likely be found not to be cost effive at all.

URL funneling is very cost effective at ZERO risk. OASCO provides this service for our partners by registering additional URLs which have relevance to specific product target markets, and then forwarding any "hits" to our Integrated eCommerce System Site(s).

For example, let's say that we have set up an ecommerce site for your partner company at www.yourcompany.xxx, and your company is in the business of selling worm castings.  We determine what URLs would make sense and would be relavent to your specific target market, and then point them to our integrated ecommerce system sites via DNS forwarding and Server-Side IIS (running on MS AZURE).

Does it work? YES, it does. As far as search engines are concerned, the "funnel URL site" appears to be a completely independent website, which HAS YOUR PRODUCTS FOR SALE ON IT.  More online websites selling your products = BETTER SEARCH ENGINE RANKING FOR YOUR ECOMMERCE SITE.

Q: Don't search engines make it a priority to seek out and destroy various "SEO techniques and hacks" that "compromise the integrety" of web searches?

A: YES they do. Many, if not most "SEO service providers", use various "secret techniques" (hacks) to help boost site/page ranking. In the old days, many SEO professionals would use techniques such as hidden text, overly repeated text, and such to help boost page ranking, which NO LONGER WORKS. Search engines have developed VERY advanced methods of scarfing web content and to determine how to rank site pages, and they do NOT give the specifics regarding these algorithms for SEO/developer use.  The thing is, "URL Funneling" is NOT a hack. It simply takes advantage of the fact that search engines consider that the more that is out there regarding a specific topic or product, the more relevant it is to "consumers", and up goes the ranking.

Q: Couldn't our company just register a bunch of URLs, and do the same thing?

A: Sure you can! (if you have a tech guy that knows about DNS, IIS, and has time to do it) OASCO provides this as an additional service for our Fulfillment Partners at no extra cost.  So it is just a matter of, does FREE = GOOD for your company?