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WildEye Farm Monitoring Systems

WildEye Farm Monitoring Overview

WildEye makes it easy for you to monitor your farm and manage your irrigation. The wildeye suite of monitoring products range from simple, low cost, DIY soil moisture monitors (wildeye express) to fully featured and highly configurable solutions for monitoring flow meters, water levels, temperature, weather stations and much more (WildEye Enterprise). OASCO is the go-to source as the leading provider for Wildeye Enterprise sales and services in the USA.

Did you over or under irrigate? What's the soil moisture like compared to yesterday, last month, this time last year? Share your farm conditions with others and get advice from the people you trust. Keep better track of what's happening on your farm and put more science into your decision making.  OASCO can provide WildEye Enterprise products and installation services at a fraction of the cost of other similar products and systems currently available.

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WildEye Enterprize Base Unit

WildEye GS3 Base Unit w/High Gain Antenna

WildEye GS3 Farm Monitoring System - Base Unit (subscription service not included)
Sensor Pack for WildEye - Soil Moisture - Temp - EC

Sensor Pack for WildEye - Soil Moisture - Temp - EC

Sensor pack for WildEye Systems to monitor Soil Moisture, Temp, and EC.
WildEye Annual Subscription Services

WildEye Annual Subscription Service

WildEye Annual Subscription Service for farm monitoring systems
WildEye Solar Panel

Solar Panel for WildEye Systems

3 Watt Solar Panel for WildEye Systems - Battery Charger - Includes WildEye mounting bracket on tilting frame.