Woodbine Schools Fundraiser

Support Woodbine Public Schools Fundraiser by purchasing products listed here!

All proceeds will be used for school gardening programs!

Note that some products are offered via LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY! WE DO NOT SHIP THESE VIA CARRIERS! Your local Fundraiser Manager will set up for pick up or delivery for these items.

IF you want to make payment FOR FOB ITEMS at PICK-UP Point, please use PO method at check out and print your invoice to take with you.

Shipped items (items that ship via USPS) must be paid via our online store checkout system.

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WGS 5 gallon pail

WGS-Brewed-5 Gallon Bucket-Woodbine Fundraiser

5 Gallon Bucket of WGS CONCENTRATE - FOB Woodbine, NJ Customer Pick-up or LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY!

WormGold Plus - 8qt Bag - Woodbine Fundraiser

8 dry qt. Bag of Worm Gold Plus FUNDRAISER FOR: Woodbine Schools - LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY
WormGold Plus - 2CY Bulk Tote

CV-WormGold Plus- 2CY Tote-Woodbine Fundraiser

WormGold Plus Bulk Tote - 2 Cubic Yards of material. LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY!
Picture of SOS Hydrolyzed Fish (Quart)-Woodbine Fundraiser

SOS Hydrolyzed Fish (Quart)-Woodbine Fundraiser

Hydrolyzed Fish (1-2-0) is a 100% organic fertilizer made from fish extracts. It’s an excellent source of nitrogen, manganese, potash, and essential trace elements. More importantly, it feeds soil microbes.
From $15.95
Picture of SOS Liquid Humate Plus (Quart)-Woodbine Fundraiser

SOS Liquid Humate Plus (Quart)-Woodbine Fundraiser

Liquid Humate Plus Contains naturally-occurring rooting hormones • It increases the root mass and root length, also allows the plants to absorb nutrients more efficiently • Contains composted organic poultry manure extract
From $15.95
Picture of SOS Liquid Yucca Extract(Quart)-Woodbine Fundraiser

SOS Liquid Yucca Extract(Quart)-Woodbine Fundraiser

Yucca extract in cold-pressed for maximum biological activity
From $15.95